Past Projects

Byzance Restaurant -

Byzance Restaurant 

Stained glass windows, painted mosaic, aged stucco, relief tiles, sculptures, painted murals

Scope of work

The interior designer gave a loose brief to create a restaurant which would have a Byzantine theme and give the ambiance of being in an ancient Byzantine venue


Our Art Director researched the Byzantine era and produced drawings and reference work from that era.
Our team of professionals plastered the entire restaurant with a cementitious stucco and then overlaid the stucco with a darker colour paint. In order to provide the required ancient look and feel, the walls were hand sanded to create the impression of aging.

We painted mosaic tiles onto the stucco and on the floated cement floors. These areas were also sanded back slightly to give a feeling of many years of wear and tear.

Dianne Guess, an accomplished sculptor, produced a Byzantine era sculpture which was moulded and reproduced several times. The scupture was positioned strategically around the restaurant.

Materials used

Glass stain
Lightweight Textile concrete
Cementitious stucco

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