Yamaha - Woodmead, Sandton, South Africa




Scope of Work

The concept for this job was developed by a very progressive architect who wanted to build an iconic building on the main highway entering Johannesburg.
This project called for a lightweight wall of 150 metres x 8 metres to be manufactured in three months and to be fully installed within five months from initiation.
I was impossible for the wall to be built in the time frame given using any other method and the cost of using a heavy weight solution would have required huge civil engineering solution to hold it to the building.


Our textile concrete expert developed a steel frame and polystyrene plug system coated with a 3 ply textile concrete and this was manufactured in 8 x 3.6metre panels. This was the first time that such large panels have been supplied.

The panels weighing less than 1000kg were lifted on to a steel sub frame and bolted in to position.

Seamless joining ensured an aesthetically pleasing result with the whole wall plastered using a specially formulated coating and finally painted with a white cement paint and silicone sealant.

Materials used

Steel framing with polystyrene attached and the entire structure coated with a 3 ply textile concrete.

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