Past Projects

Polana Casino -Mozambique

 Polana Mozambique


Continuous 200 metre long wall frieze in lightweight concrete

Scope of Work

This interesting project was driven by the interior designer, with our brief being to take the carpet design and depict it in a 3D bas relief panel repeating every 6 metres.
The designer required a seamless finish and the pattern had to repeat continually around the casino


Initially our Art Director drew an impression of the design, using the carpet design as reference.
Thereafter she hand sculpted two 3m x 1.6m panels and these were moulded 30 times using a jigsaw puzzle join to enable quick and simple installation on site.
At installation, the panels were screwed to the wall and then joined seamlessly using the jigsaw join to ensure perfect aesthetic accuracy.

Materials used

Rigid Polyurethane for the plug
Lightweight textile concrete for the finished panels

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