Textile Concrete Facades

Dynamic Partners are forerunners in the use of lightweight textile reinforced concretes in the art facades area of expertise.

Lightweight Concrete has the following benefits:

  • Highly durable for use on interior and exterior areas.
  • Steel Mounting structures can be engineered cost effectively due to the lightweight loading of 35 – 65kg/sq metre.
  • The Textile concretes are up to 35MPa in hardness making them extremely long lasting and good for use in high traffic areas.

Textile Concrete application is a very versatile and durable way of decorating or altering the facade of buildings.

With the panel weights around 16 kg per square metre, only lightweight engineering solutions are required to erect the panels on site.

This product can be joined seamlessly making it ideal for vast areas. It can be used for superstructures and providing a new facelift for old buildings in a quick and cost effective manner.

Dynamic Partners are able to manufacture repeat patterns or unique continuous patterns in unlimited designs.

Any designers idea can be transformed in to a moulded building facade, however modern or classical it may be.